Keeping Brands On-Trend & Culturally Relevant

A New York City-based agency dedicated to keeping brands & businesses on-trend and culturally relevant to today’s hard-to-reach consumers: Gen Y/Millennials, Gen X, Boomers

We specialize in directional research, experiential immersions, and custom presentations that help businesses better understand their consumers and anticipate future trends.

Over the last 20 years we have pioneered the use of many non-traditional and ethnographic approaches that yield rich insights while also providing our client partners with first-hand exposure to their consumers’ world.

Founder & President

Irma has been acknowledged as one of America's foremost experts on trends, marketing innovation and consumer insights. Conducting on-going work with industry experts and tastemakers as well as planning and coordinating client scouting trips and scene immersions allows her to anticipate emerging trends and early shifts in consumer behavior.

Irma works directly with each trend client and is able to provide relevant daily updates, monthly recaps and on-site trend presentations specifically tailored to the needs of that business partner. The trend reports and trend blogs are the ultimate in customization, relevancy and actionability.

She lives and works on the Lower East Side. Irma’s passions include biking, restaurants, cocktails and wine, exploring up-and-coming neighborhoods and perhaps most of all, cooking for and entertaining friends at her newly renovated live/work space, The Rivington Loft (see below). She’s also very active in the contemporary art world, having become involved early on with the street art movement through Aaron Rose’s Alleged Gallery. Her collection includes works by Margaret Kilgallen, Mark Gonzales, Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell, Cost Revs, Swoon and Shepard Fairey, among others.

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The Rivington Loft
by Irma Zandl

After months of looking for a loft space on the LES and Soho in 1990 and feeling totally priced out of the market, I saw an ad in the New York Times for a space off the Bowery and it was really a last desperate attempt to buy something. I went to the see loft the following morning and fell in love with the space, the light, the owner – everything was perfect and I offered to buy it within 5 minutes of entering the apartment. Such a great vibe in the building and especially in this space – I had to have it.

In 2010, I started to plan a major update to the loft to make it more reflective of my needs for a live/work space. Jamie Dwyer had introduced me to his friend, Kate Thatcher, a young architect from Yale and her architect partner, Phil Ward. They reconfigured the space for me and all I can say is: PERFECTION! Rivington Loft perfectly suits my lifestyle, my temperament and my work needs.

Another fabulous aspect of The Rivington Loft is the amazing location! Everything I love about NYC is within a 5 minute walk – Whole Foods, Chinatown, the Gym, favorite restaurants (Le Philosophe, Uncle Boon’s, Freeman’s, Cata, Forcella Pizza) and well-crafted cocktails (Temple Bar, Attaboy).

Image (bottom) of the Rivington Loft by Magda Biernat, www
Kate Thatcher & Phil Ward, TWINstudio Architects,